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Afex FAQ

What is Afex?

Afex is a simple, clean, reusable collection system, ideal for the discreet management of male incontinence – whether stress, acute, or chronic. The system consists of high quality cotton boxer-briefs, a soft, ergonomically curved sheath, and a flexible collection bag. As the items are reusable, over a six month period it costs less than 80c per day to use Afex.

How does it work?

The briefs are engineered to securely hold the curved rigid sheath inside the front pocket, while the double-walled, aerated, curved external sheath keeps the skin dry, avoiding any potential urine burns.

With a leak-proof “push & twist” connection to the re-usable urine collection bag, the risk of urine leakage is removed and the system provides hours of use without maintenance or changing.

How secure is the urine bag?

The collection bag attaches with a special interlock, and is safely suspended from the briefs by the rigid sheath and lies comfortably against the upper thigh when seated. If you participate in activities such as golfing, fishing, hiking, bowling or dancing, you can secure the bag to the briefs via two optional Velcro stability tabs for extra security during high activity levels.

Will I feel comfortable?

For your comfort, the Afex Curved Rigid Sheath is designed for a loose fit, which promotes ventilation. It also has a soft double-walled liner to reduce exposure to wetness, and prevent backflow onto the body.

How do I empty the urine bag?

The urine collection bag features an easy-open drain clamp that operates by pulling up a lever. It also incorporates a safety lock to prevent accidental opening during normal use.

How do I clean the Afex system?

The briefs are machine-washed, the sheath is washed in soapy water, and the bags, after drainage, are simply flushed out with a 10% vinegar solution. This removes any lingering odour.

How long does it last?

The briefs will last around 200 washes, the sheath will last around 12 months, while the bags are expected to last 6 months.

Do I have to completely disconnect the system in order to have a bowel movement?

No! No disconnection is necessary, simply lower the briefs as with typical underwear.

I’m allergic to latex. Will this be a problem?

No, not at all. The whole Afex system is latex free.

What components will I need to buy?

If you’re mobile and active, you’ll need a pair of Afex standard briefs, a high-style sheath, and a standard 500mL collection bag. Those who are bedbound, mostly seated, or mobility assisted, will need the Afex open-sided briefs, a low-style sheath, and for collection, either a high volume bag, a leg bag and an extension tube assembly, or a bed bag and extension tube assembly. If you’re not sure and need further advice, please give us a call.

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