What is it?

A Combined Hysterometer (Uterine Sound) and Cervical Canal Dilator.

What gynaecological procedures can beneift?

IUD Insertion , Hysteroscopy, rvF, D&C, D&E, Cervical Stenosis

What does it replace?

The Pratt & Hegar Dilators, Hysterometers (Sounds), and Non-Flexible Sound/Dilators

What are the Features & Benefits?

  1. Capped Hysterometer and Graduated Dilator arms ensure sterility integrity.
  2. Stop Ring design on the Hysterometer arm, reduces perforation risk.
  3. Clear identifiable depth indicators on the Hysterometer improved visualization for IUD insertion.
  4.  Material flexibility & memory properties allow Conti-Combo to be curved to suit cervical access.
  5. Dilator arm offers dilation from 3.5 ram to 4.5mm to 5.0mm to 5.5mm over a length of 100mm .
  6. Provides 3.5mm diameter for the initial 15mm length, 4.5mm diameter for the next 20mm, 5.0mm diameter for the next 20mm and 5.5mm diameter for the remaining 45mm. This offers a more efficient multistep approach to procedures requiring external & internal os dilation.
  7. Built-in safety Stop at 100mm from stem to reduce the risk of uterine perforation.
  8. The stepped dilator incorporates engraved diameters for the 4 segments.
  9. Ergonomically designed handle.
  10. Australian designed, Australian manufactured device offering a multifunction single-use device that increases efficiency, productivity, and above 0—patient safety, at an economic cost.