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Mattress Bed Pad with Tuck in sides


This Mattress Pad with tuck-in sides is soft and comfortable while protecting from wetness. It includes large, fabric tuck-ins to help secure the pad in place. It is washable and reusable making it far more economical than disposable bed pads used for incontinence.

This is a specially designed, reusable, and washable mattress pad that holds up to 1800 mL and ensures protection for you or your loved one and the bed.

The bed pad is 36 inches by 32 inches. The 19 inch long tuck-ins on the sides are long enough to tuck under one side of a bed or both (if twin or hospital type bed).


This bed pad has three layers of protection. The top layer is an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend called IBEX. It is then quilted to a top quality, 8-oz poly-soaker which holds the moisture. The third and bottom layer, is the moisture proof layer, made from a knitted, vinyl barrier fabric. The bed pad is finished with double bound edges for a long life of many washings.

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