An easy, discreet and comfortable solution

I am a nurse and have worked in the field of gynaecology for many years. I worked for six years for a Consultant Gynaecologist in the UK whose area of interest was Urogynaecology. We trialed several different in-development devices, to help women who suffered with urinary incontinence.

One was the Contiform Vaginal Device. The women who had optimum results with this product were the motivated, active women, whose urinary leakage was problematic enough to prevent them from participating in the activities which they enjoyed, but which they had stopped due to the likelihood of urinary leakage.

Insertion of the device posed no problem, and once in place caused no discomfort. The three different sizes allowed for the best fit. That is, no leakage but still able to empty the bladder without difficulty. Although the device can be kept in place for 24 hours, most of the ladies in our clinic only kept the device in while needed.

In appropriate women, wearing the correct sized device, Contiform offers an easy, discreet and comfortable solution to the problem of stress urinary incontinence. I will recommend it to women I feel will benefit from its use.