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Wearever offers a breakthrough for men and women with urinary stress incontinence, with the first ever odourless, reusable, washable alternative to adult diapers. These comfortable briefs look like normal underwear, yet are highly absorbent and effective. They’ll help you regain your normal, active life without the ever-present worry of incontinence.

Wearever garments last for 200 to 250 washes, so they’ll save you money, and they come in three different levels of absorbency: Light, for up to 100mL, Moderate, for up 120 – 150mL, or Heavy, for 300 – 360 mL.

Their high absorbency is in the “Unique-Dri” three-layer fabric system – a non-woven material of polyester, rayon and anti-microbial fibres. The top layer allows liquid in, the middle layer wicks it away to the edges, preventing pooling, bacteria growth and odour, while the bottom urethane layer contains all moisture inside the undergarment.

The garments contain silver Ions which have anti bacterial properties, and which last as long as the nickers last. The anti bacterial properties of the garments will not wear out!

To extend the life of your Wearever briefs or boxers as long as possible, we recommend washing them in a wash bag, and using your washing machine’s gentle cycle.

Follow the links to view and purchase Wearever products,  and watch the videos below for more on how the products work.

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