The idea that only prolapse mesh causes problems is ‘utter nonsense’ say campaigners as they take their fight to the House of Lords

A plea has gone to the Government to suspend pelvic mesh implants until the true number of women suffering is known.

Lord Phillip Hunt sent out the plea during a House of Lords question time, joined by around 40 members of campaign group Sling The Mesh.

The support group has grown from 900 to 5,400 in the last year with new members assured by clinicians they were just unlucky mystery patients.

The House of Lords question comes amid a growing backlash against surgeons who say it is only prolapse mesh causing problems and the mesh tape for incontinence is an effective treatment.

A spokesman for Sling The Mesh, said: “A third of our members have prolapse mesh and two thirds incontinence mesh implants. The complications are exactly the same stories with the same personal tragedies.